Hello and welcome to Sincerely McQueen, a business I created because I admire and long for connection. And grace. And extending those blessings to as many people as I can.

I feel my most authentic self when I sit with a hot cup of tea by my side, a blank slate and an array of colors and brushes in front of me. Sometimes I have a specific person in mind when I start to paint. Other times, it’s a thought or phrase that inspires me. Whatever my muse, I find myself diving deep into my heart, searching for a way to connect.

Often, I want to connect to the physical world by painting a songbird or evergreen tree. Other times I want to connect through life’s celebrations and joyful dates. I find myself noticing thoughtful, quiet gestures of goodness and try to capture the universal connection we feel as human beings, no matter our background or story, no matter where we reside on planet Earth.

I hope you feel my heart and sincerity as you look through my cards. Even more so, I hope my cards speak to you in a way that allows you to extend your heart and offer grace and connection to those you love. 


With Peace and kindness, I am 

Sincerely McQueen,